I want to give new tip about new Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera

This camera has ability to autofocus as slow as f8. All 45 cross-type autofocus points are able to focus with slowest lens of f5.6. We are talking here about maximum slowest aperture. e.g in case if you are using 2X Tele-extender with EF 70-200mm f4, the effective aperture of lens after mounted with tele-converter is f8. The newly EOS 6D mark II can engage 27 of 45 cross-type autofocus points in all three zones of autofocus points (9×3) to autofocus with slowest f8 lenses. This autofocus with slower f-number lenses can be understood as if you are usingĀ  EF 400mm f5.6 with 1.4x teleconverter, still this camera engage its 27 out of 45 autofocus points to focus efficiently with central 9 autofocus points will act as cross-type autofocus points.
In the bottom line is, if you are a nature, wildlife, travel or landscape photographer and use long focal length lenses with teleconverter extenders, this camera has ability to focus at f8 is a real nice addition with EOS 6D Mark II camera.

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