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IPA determined to add action to your dreams in photography, irrespective of your final destination with your camera. The single reason that holds students with IPA is – love for photography. Every student of IPA, whatever learner’s choice, will be catered by leaders in profession. The curriculum of courses at IPA have been customized to cater the requirements of photography-enthusiasts at all levels of learning and expertise — from those who are interested in shooting different genres of photography to cutting-edge, world-class professionals. As a first of its kind, IPA allows students of its weekend-batches to customize the curriculum and make their own course contents, as per their requirement. The various topics of photography at IPA think, not just to deliver technical details to participants, but to motivate and harvest individual thoughts and mushrooming creativity. To achieve a certain level in visual arts education, supported by the best of its experienced faculty. IPA is always dedicated to the level of excellence in knowledge-gathering and sharing. IPA programs has researched syllabus, covering different fields in photography, that very few likes to teach, if any at all. IPA is ensuring that it would be a stimulant traveling of influencing courses for both students and teachers.

A brief biography of myself as an

Director of IPA (IRIS Photography Academy)

I am a Photographer and, as an photographer, my thoughts are totally different, whenever I am behind the lens The viewfinder gives me canvas, and the light with my vision & thoughts paint the canvas ultimately with rich colors, provides me a strong visualization to communicate with people through my photographs, as photographs are considered to be a medium of non-verbal communication.

IPA01012017031013Feb 23, 2018Mr. Varun SharmaSh. Haribans SharmaMale26/Nov/1996Indian
IPA01012018041001June 30, 2018Ms. KomalMr. Vijay KumarFemale06/Aug/1997Indian
IPA01012018041003June 30, 2018Mr. AmitMr. Rajesh KumarMale23/Sep/1994Indian
IPA01012018041004Aug. 31, 2018Mr. Jaspreet S. SandhuMr. Gursatpal SinghMale03/Dec/1986Indian
IPA01012018041005Aug. 31, 2018Sammandeep SinghS. Chamkaur SinghMale18/Feb/2001Indian
IPA01012018041006Oct. 26, 2018Mr. Gaganinder S. GillS. Sukhjinder S. GillMale26/Jun/1994Indian
IPA01012018041007Oct. 26, 2018Mr. Jasveer SinghS. Hakam SinghMale13/Oct/1994Indian
IPA01012018031001Jun. 15, 2018Mr. Rajat SehgalMr. Prabh Dayal SehgalMale21/Feb/1989Indian
IPA010112018031022Aug, 10 , 2018Mr. Varun SharmaSh. Haribans SharmaMale26/Nov/1996Indian
IPA01012018031002Aug. 24, 2018Mr. Bhagwant GillMale26/Oct/1990Indian
IPA01012018031003Oct. 15, 2018Mr. Gurkirat SinghS. Paramjit SinghMale10/Mar/1999Indian
IPA01012018031004Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Gaganinder S. GillS. Sukhjinder S. GillMale26/Jun/1994Indian
IPA01012018031005Jan. 18, 2019Mr. GagandeepMale09/Nov/1986Indian
IPA01012018031006Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Gurjinder SinghS. Gulab SinghMale16/Dec/1995Indian
IPA01012018031007Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Jasveer SinghS. Hakam SinghMale13/Oct/1994Indian
IPA01012018031008Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Hridaypal SinghS. Hardyal S. KheraMale11/Jul/1996Indian
IPA01012018031009Jan. 18, 2019Ms. Rajinder KaurFemale02/Oct/1974Indian
IPA01012018031010Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Gurpreet SinghMale15/Jan/2019Indian
IPA01012018031011Jan. 18, 2019Mr. Harsimran SinghS. Manmohan SinghMale08/Jun/2001Indian
IPA01012018031012Jan. 18, 2019Ms. Bani SinglaFemale06/Feb/1998Indian
IPA01012018031013Jan. 11, 2019Mr. Gurkirat SinghS. Paramjit SinghMale10/Mar/1999Indian
IPA01012018031014Feb. 27, 2019Mr. Manpreet SinghS. Jaswant SinghMale08/May/1994Indian
IPA01012018031015Feb. 27, 2019Mr. Himanshu TanejaMr. Sushil TanejaMale05/Oct/1999Indian
IPA01012018031016Feb. 27, 2019Mrs. Navneet Sainiw/o Mr. Manpreet SinghFemale30/Dec/1993Indian
IPA01012018031017Feb. 27, 2019Ms. Tripat Ranjan KaurS. Chamkaur SinghFemale04/Nov/1996Indian
IPA01012018031018Feb. 20, 2019Mr. Parvinder S. AnandMale22/April/1956Indian