Mastering Lighting in Photography

Master the Techniques of Advance Photography Lighting

Course Overview:

Discover the power of lighting in photography and learn how to create stunning images that capture the essence of your subject. The Lighting Photography Course by Iris Photography Academy, Patiala, founded and mentored by Jatinder Kamboj, offers a comprehensive learning experience for photographers of all levels. With Jatinder Kamboj’s expertise and a hands-on approach, this course will empower you to master the art of lighting and take your photography skills to new heights.

Course Details:

  1. Introduction to Lighting Principles:
  • Understand the fundamental principles of lighting in photography.
  • Explore the qualities of light, including intensity, direction, color temperature, and contrast.
  • Learn how to effectively use natural light and artificial lighting sources.
  1. Lighting Equipment and Techniques:
  • Familiarize yourself with different lighting equipment, including strobes, continuous lights, and modifiers.
  • Discover various lighting setups and techniques, such as broad lighting, short lighting, Rembrandt lighting, and more.
  • Learn to control and manipulate light to create the desired mood and impact in your photographs.
  1. Studio Lighting:
  • Gain hands-on experience in a professional studio setting.
  • Learn to set up and control studio lighting equipment for various genres, including portraits, still life, and product photography.
  • Explore lighting ratios, light placement, and lighting patterns to create dimension and depth in your images.
  1. Outdoor Lighting and Natural Light:
  • Learn to harness the power of natural light in outdoor settings.
  • Understand the different qualities of natural light during various times of the day and in different weather conditions.
  • Master techniques for shooting in challenging lighting situations, such as backlighting and silhouette photography.
  1. Advanced Lighting Techniques:
  • Dive into advanced lighting techniques, such as high-key and low-key lighting, light painting, and creative use of gels and filters.
  • Explore the art of lighting for specific genres, such as fashion, beauty, and conceptual photography.
  • Develop your artistic vision and experiment with unconventional lighting setups to create unique and captivating images.
  1. Lighting for Portraiture:
  • Discover the art of lighting for portraiture, including techniques for flattering and enhancing your subjects.
  • Understand the principles of lighting for different face shapes, skin tones, and desired moods.
  • Learn to create compelling portraits through the skillful use of light and shadow.
  1. Practical Assignments and Critique Sessions:
  • Apply your knowledge through practical assignments designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the course.
  • Receive personalized feedback and critique from Jatinder Kamboj and fellow students to refine your lighting techniques.
  • Learn to analyze and evaluate lighting in photographs, enhancing your critical eye and developing your artistic style.

Course Duration: The Lighting Photography Course spans over 2 weeks, with a combination of theory classes, hands-on practical sessions, and assignments.

Who Should Attend:

  • Beginners with a keen interest in photography and a desire to understand and master lighting techniques.
  • Intermediate photographers looking to refine their lighting skills and take their images to the next level.
  • Experienced photographers seeking to expand their creative possibilities and explore advanced lighting techniques.

Join the Lighting Photography Course at Iris Photography Academy, Patiala, and unlock the power of light to create breathtaking images that leave a lasting impression. Take this opportunity to learn from Jatinder Kamboj, a distinguished photographer with a passion for mentoring aspiring artists. Embark on your journey to become a lighting expert and elevate your photography to new heights. Enroll now and embrace the transformative potential of lighting in your images.

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