A brief biography of myself as an Director of IPA (IRIS Photography Academy)

Jatinder Kamboj brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the academy. As the Director of Iris Photography Academy, Jatinder Kamboj is committed to imparting his expertise and nurturing the talents of aspiring photographers. With a passion for both the technical and artistic aspects of photography, he has mastered the art of capturing stunning images that resonate with viewers.

After a long and distinguished corporate career, I decided to follow my passion and make it my profession, which started my journey as a professional photographer.

Jatinder Kamboj, the visionary behind Iris Photography Academy, Patiala, is a highly accomplished photographer and an inspirational mentor. With his extensive knowledge and passion for the art of photography, Jatinder Kamboj has garnered recognition and accolades in the industry.

Jatinder completed his Diploma in Creative Photography from Panjab University, Chandigarh, where he earned the top position in the batch of 2013-14. His expertise spans various genres of photography, including portraits, fashion, landscapes, and conceptual photography.

As the Director of Iris Photography Academy, Jatinder brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to nurturing emerging talent. His dedication to mentorship and his ability to inspire and guide aspiring photographers have made him a respected figure in the photography community.

With Jatinder Kamboj’s mentorship, students at Iris Photography Academy gain invaluable insights, technical expertise, and artistic guidance. Jatinder’s creative vision and expertise in lighting, composition, and storytelling empower students to unlock their true potential and express their unique photographic style.

Under Jatinder Kamboj’s leadership, Iris Photography Academy continues to provide exceptional photography education, enabling students to embark on successful careers and create compelling visual narratives. Join us at Iris Photography Academy, Patiala, and benefit from the wisdom and expertise of Jatinder Kamboj as you explore the limitless possibilities of photography.

Jatinder Kamboj, Founder and Director ( IRIS Photography Academy)

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