Diploma in Fashion Photography

Dipolma in Fashion Photography is ideal for individuals passionate about fashion, photography, and visual storytelling, aiming to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry.

Course Details for Diploma in Fashion Photography

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Overview: The Diploma in Fashion Photography, offered by Iris Photography Academy under the mentorship of renowned photographer Jatinder Kamboj, is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic field of fashion photography. This course is ideal for individuals passionate about fashion, photography, and visual storytelling, aiming to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry.


  • Basic knowledge of photography concepts and camera operation
  • Familiarity with digital cameras and their manual settings
  • A portfolio of previous photographic work (if applicable)

Course Contents:

Module 1: Introduction to Fashion Photography

  • Understanding the role and significance of fashion photography in the fashion industry
  • Historical overview and influential fashion photographers
  • Exploring different genres and styles within fashion photography
  • Developing a creative vision and personal style in fashion photography

Module 2: Gear and Equipment for Fashion Photography

  • Essential camera equipment and accessories for fashion photography
  • Overview of different camera systems and lenses suitable for fashion shoots
  • Working with additional equipment such as tripods, reflectors, and external flashes
  • Understanding the importance of image quality and resolution for fashion imagery

Module 3: Lighting Techniques in Fashion Photography

  • Mastering various lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • Working with natural light, studio lighting, and location lighting
  • Creative use of lighting modifiers and light shaping tools
  • Understanding the interplay between light and shadow to create depth and mood

Module 4: Fashion Terminologies and Industry Knowledge

  • Familiarization with fashion terminology and industry-specific vocabulary
  • Understanding fashion trends, styles, and fashion editorials
  • Collaboration with fashion stylists, makeup artists, and models
  • Building professional relationships within the fashion industry

Module 5: Fashion as a Statement

  • Exploring fashion as a form of expression and communication
  • Understanding the role of fashion in cultural and social contexts
  • Developing visual narratives and storytelling through fashion imagery
  • Conceptualizing and executing fashion shoots to convey a specific message or theme

Module 6: Fashion Photoshoot Production

  • Planning and organizing a fashion photoshoot from concept to execution
  • Casting and working with models, stylists, and makeup artists
  • Location scouting and set design for fashion shoots
  • Directing and posing models for fashion photography

Module 7: Post-processing and Retouching for Fashion Photography

  • Workflow and organization of fashion images
  • Professional retouching techniques for fashion photography
  • Color grading and toning for fashion imagery
  • Creating a cohesive and polished look in post-processing

Module 8: Portfolio Development and Marketing

  • Building a compelling fashion photography portfolio
  • Developing a personal brand and style as a fashion photographer
  • Marketing strategies for reaching clients and agencies
  • Navigating the business aspects of fashion photography

Note: The course curriculum may be subject to minor adjustments or additions based on industry trends and advancements.

Course Design:

  • The course will be delivered through a combination of theory lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on photoshoots.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to work with professional models, stylists, and makeup artists during fashion shoots.
  • Jatinder Kamboj will provide personalized guidance, critiques, and feedback to each participant throughout the course.
  • Guest lectures by industry professionals and fashion experts will provide insights and networking opportunities.
  • Regular assignments and portfolio reviews will ensure continuous improvement and skill development.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Fashion Photography, participants will possess the technical skills, industry knowledge, and creative vision necessary to pursue a career as a professional fashion photographer. They will have a comprehensive portfolio of fashion imagery and a deep understanding of fashion aesthetics, trends, and storytelling. Graduates will be well-equippedto navigate the fashion industry, collaborate with fashion professionals, and establish themselves as sought-after fashion photographers.

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