Lens maker Tamron has applied for a patent recently for a short-medium fixed focal length 115mm f1.4 telephoto lens that may be used extensively for portraiture and other beauty based photography. The Lens will come with Tamron’s Vibration Compensation System built into it. Tamron’s vision for focal length for these lenses are very different. Firstly, they introduce 45mm f1.8 lens instead of generally 50mm in comparision to others. This time, 115mm usually very different from current market as usual focal length used by most of Lens manufacturers in this segment are 90mm, 100, 105mm, 135mm lenses. The 115mm is very rarely heard.

tamron_patent_115mm f1.4

The details of patent application found on a website egami is as follows:
* Patent Publication No. 2016-151661
* Published 2016.8.22
* Filing date 2015.2.17

* Example
* f = 113.000
* Fno = 1.456
* ? = 10.632

* Tamron patent
* Positive and negative positive
* Inner focus (the second group)
* Vibration proof group (one of the group)

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