Nikon full frame pro-level mirrorless camera

Current decisions made by Canon and now Nikon to bring Pro level full frame Mirrorless cameras to their customers is fully justified Sony for their decision to bring similar mirrorless cameras in advance.

Now, the whole technology on saturation level, Sony put their all efforts to bring the best technology in Pro-level mirrorless, it will not be easy for Canon and Nikon.

The hot news is that Nikon going to bring their first Pro-level full frame mirrorless in the current year. Nikon is developing its first full frame pro-level mirrorless on very fast pace and it is supposed to be a show-off or probably announce on Photokina 2018.

But the big issue will remain same for all Nikon full-frame DSLR user’s that current line of lenses will support them or not. From an unknown source, I got to know that Nikon has developed new Z-mount for its full frame pro-level mirrorless cameras. That means Nikon is in the process of developing a new type of pro-level lenses to support its new Z-mount for its pro-level mirrorless cameras.

It was reported by SankeiBiz (a Japanese business news agency) that Nikon is seriously advancing with very fast pace to launch the mirrorless pro-level camera before the current business year closing.

It may be possible that Nikon will flash this new camera on all important exhibitions throughout the world. It is most probably that Nikon will bring this new camera on Photokina 2018.

On the other side, Sony continuously dominates the industry with their full frame mirrorless cameras like a9, a7 R-III and now a7-III.

Canon stated last month that it’s now willing to cannibalize the sales of its DSLR cameras to make a bigger splash in mirrorless, and the company reiterated to SankeiBiz that it’s aiming to be #1 in mirrorless camera sales in Japan.

Nikon and Canon are now invoking from their long sleep and now they are setting themselves to enter into the club of full frame pro-level mirrorless cameras championship which is sure to be an emerging sector.

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