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Background: As a means of visual communication and expression, photography has distinct aesthetic capabilities. In order to understand them, one must first understand the characteristics of the process itself. This understanding of photography’s supposed objectivity has dominated evaluations of its role in the arts. In the early part of its history, photography was sometimes belittled as a mechanical art because of its dependence on technology. In truth, however, photography is not the automatic process that is implied by the use of a camera. The most important control is, of course, the creative photographer’s vision. He or she chooses the vantage point and the exact moment of exposure. The photographer perceives the essential qualities of the subject and interprets it according to his or her judgment, taste, and involvement. An effective photograph can disseminate information about humanity and nature, record the visible world, and extend human knowledge and understanding. For all these reasons, photography has aptly been called the most important invention since the printing press.

Learn to take great pictures with IRIS Academy of Photography. Taking and sharing pictures with friends and family is now an everyday affair, painting a rich social collage of our lives. Our professionally designed courses will unlock your creative potential by using latest camera and editing techniques. Create a great representation of your imagination and enhance your Social Quotient.

One month is a good time. Good enough to mature the amateur in you. Good enough to make your career click. IAP(IRIS Academy of Photography) has a short-term, yet a comprehensive professional course in place. With classroom lectures, hands on experience, guided outdoor sessions as well as assignments, you would not want more from a course.
The course is conducted on a step by step basis with your mentor and at a pace that is suitable for you to understand everything. You will be able to put the lessons into practice and achieve results on your DSLR that cannot be achieved in automatic mode.

Course Highlights:

Highlights of Program:

Module 1: History of Photography and its evaluation.
Module 2: Introduction to Digital Photography
Module 3. Take control of Exposure, Shutter Speed (How shutter speed impact quality of image)
Module 4. Understanding Aperture (Depth of Field – Shallow and Deep)
Module 5. Understanding ISO, Digital Noise and types of Digital Noise,
Module 6: White Balance, Different White-Balance Presets, Manual White balance
Module 7. Understanding Metering and its modes (Evaluative or Matrix, Center Weight or Spot)
Module 8. Exposure Compensation, Dynamic Range and HDR.
Module 9. Camera Modes (Different In-build camera modes), Manual and Program mode, Advance Auto Mode, Night Mode, Portrait and Close-up mode
Module 10. Lenses, various type of lenses, how to choose right lens
Module 11. Special session of Light, Light modifiers and other equipment used to customize various kind of lights
Module 12. Introduction to Flash Photography, various types of flash and light modifiers
Module 13. Art of Composition (Very Important module), Rule of Thirds and other composition rules
Module 14. Image Post-processing Practices
Special Guided field sessions in form of Photo-walk & Image reviews with FAQ, followed by Certificate Award Ceremony
Important Features:

All modules will be imparted through theoretically projected slides as well as performing live photography practicals in class room.
More emphasize will be given to In-House Practicals through out the course.
Hands-on practicals will be given through out the course.
At the end of course, a well assisted photo-walk will be scheduled.
On completion of course, certificate award ceremony will be celebrated.
Expected Outcome of Workshop:

Participants would be able to appreciate the concept and importance of photography.
Participants would be able to know the technical know-how of Digital Cameras.
Participants would be able to hone their visual aesthetics.
Participants would be able to get practical tips on wide areas of photography.
Participants would become more confident and present themselves more impressively in front of the professionals.
Level of Course: Beginners to Intermediate


Participants who successfully attend full course and all activities in course will be awarded a Certificate by IRIS Academy of Photography.

Cost: INR 7500.00 only.

To join our IAP (IRIS Academy of Photography), you will need a Digital SLR or Prosumer level Point and Shoot camera (Fixed lens semi-dslr type with manual controls over it) or any camera with manual controls over it.

Limited seats – Registration started – Admission on first come first serve basis. Contact us for more information regarding schedule dates of program.

Minimum qualification: No Qualification is required. A person need to understand basic English language as well as minimum age of a person to join is 16 years..

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