Initially, it looked same as the Sigma USB Dock. Users can connect their selected lenses to their PCs or MAC via USB 2.0 through TAP-in console to upgrade and micro-adjustments for their Canon and Nikon mount lenses only. The TAP-in console is fully compatible with its new Tamron’s SP 85mm f1.8, SP 90mm F2.8 Macro, SP 45mm F1.8, SP 35mm F1.8 lenses, with the 45mm and 35mm of Canon and Nikon mount based lenses, before that required users to update their lenses from Tamron Service Center to enable compatibility with TAP-in console. It is expected to Sony mount version of these lenses will update later or soon.

The TAP-in console provide users with flexibility to update the latest firmware of their lenses at their own end, without traveling too far to reach Tamron Service center, as in my case, I live in Patiala (Punjab) India, and Tamron Service Center in my region is located at Gurgaon (Haryana) India, around 300k.m. away from my place. Through TAP-in console, it can save lots of my unnecessary traveling and money, if I am opting it out.

Tamron’s TAP-in Console Screen Shot
Tamron’s TAP-in Console Screen Shot
Further more importantly, there are customization features available with TAP-in console. In latest DSLR’s with secondary phase-detection capability, it requires very fine tuning between DSLR body and lens mount to give user very fine degree of AutoFocus system. TAP-in console is much advance and user friendly in all those cases.

There are some advance pro-level DSLR bodies, which sometime needs micro-adjustment to use any third party lenses. These high-end DSLRs provide only one available value (Canon mostly offers two different values at each of zoom) and Tamron usually offers three different settings based on three different distance parameter ranges from near, mid to distant focus ranges. To deal with this problem, TAP-in console will assist in all those cases.

The console is very useful of longer focal length telephoto lenses to avoid unnecessary hunting to focusing on point. TAP-in console is very useful to customize their lenses as per their needs and applications. And at last but not least, Vibration Compensation (VC) can be adjusted to prioritize stabilization of viewfinder image, stabilization of captured image, or balanced (both viewfinder image and captured image).

The TAP-in console is expected to be available in March. Pricing is currently unavailable.

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